Victoria Monet

Victoria Monét is the personification of a modern artist – a talented and multi-faceted singer, songwriter and dancer. Her unique and truthful perspective showcases her duality; fresh and familiar, sexual and substantial; a feeling of nostalgia blended with modern and youthful aesthetics.

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Oakland, United States (US)

Monet’s music play with the idea of gender roles, themes of femininity, and owning one’s own sexuality. “I want women to feel empowered, and I want men to get used to us talking about our bodies, our sexuality, our desires – all the things men talk about in regards to us,” she says. “My music is really all about freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of musicality and style, and melting all the things that I love in my life into one body of words and work.” Monét’s motivation to bring genuineness into her music makes it possible for many to find their truth in it. “Being myself in general drives me. I just want to be honest, be myself, and work my ass off and hopefully, that will be enough to inspire.”



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