Turn your fans into concert-goers with Soundeon’s Concert Crowdfunding. No more struggling to sell tickets, playing empty rooms, or wasting money on “pay to play” shows. start your show Sell Tickets.
Pack The Room.
Rock The Stage.

Crowdfund your online or offline show


Book A Big Venue With An Even Bigger Turnout.

Using Soundeon’s Concert Crowdfunding, you’ll be able to get the word out about your show and see exactly how many pre-sales you have so you know exactly what to expect at your show.

Venues love working with Soundeon artists because they always pack rooms and can provide accurate estimates of how many fans will be attending, which makes finding a venue to play at easier than ever.

Say goodbye to begging everyone you know to buy a ticket, paying to play a venue, and showing up only to see an empty room.


What is Concert Crowdfunding And Why Do I Need It?

Concert crowdfunding allows your fans to contribute money to your show before its initial planning stage starts.

Artists can estimate how many fans will come to the event, and managers and venue owners can gauge demand for a particular artist, helping them plan the event.

This allows you to sell pre-sale tickets and reach your funding goal before finalizing and playing a show, so every show you play is worth the drive, equipment hauling, and rehearsing.

Why Choose Soundeon For Your Concert Crowdfunding?

It’s the easiest way to sell tickets to people who are already interested in your music.


Frictionless and safe planning.

Organize ticket pre-sales, reach your target, and confirm the date and place once you’re sure you want to play the show.

Online & Offline performance.

If your show is postponed or canceled, easily showcase your talent with an online concert.

Forecast demand & expand.

Planning to visit a new city? Worried about ticket sales? With the option of ticket pre-sales, you see the demand in advance. No surprises on the day of the concert.

Soundeon VenueFinder.

Soundeon VenueFinder is a community-centric tool where you can find the right venue in any city you’re planning to perform in.

No more conversing with angry bar owners on the phone or wondering if a venue is even safe enough to play at.
Our venue finder provides you with a big list of Soundeon-friendly venues that can’t wait to have you as a performing artist, including info on capacity, facilities, policies, and equipment.
concerts online
VenueFinder is also community based. Fans can suggest venues and also offer changes to venue info such as contact information. You’ll be able to see the hottest spots where your fans want you to perform!
No more searching for venues on Facebook or trying to reach out to other musicians! Your next venue is just a click away.